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Hoi Outdoor first came to life in 2017 after a brainstorming session in our living room in Liechtenstein. I am from the US, but had been living in Liechtenstein for almost 2 years by that point. My background was 15 years in the US Outdoor Industry where I worked with large travel, camping, and footwear manufacturers and when trying to decide what I would do with my new found location in life, I thought it best to do what I know how to do, so here we are.  And who can not love hammocks, right? You couldn’t ask for a happier product.

Even though hammocks were created in the 1500s in South and Central America for sleeping, they didn’t get to the US until the 1920s and even then people mostly used them to contain their babies who were starting to crawl.  Today, hammocks are everywhere, made from every material, in every size. 


I’m bringing the magic of hammocking to my new and perfect land. These days we are all over-worked, over-tired and over-stressed. Being in a hammock is the complete opposite of all of these. Hammocks encourage relaxation, quietness, lightness in life and slowing of time. While in a hammock it’s easier to just be, to explore the wilderness around you and inside you as well.

With Hoi Hammocks, we decided to take the hammock and make it even better. Lighter, softer, durable, mold resistant, washable, smaller and able to hang anywhere you please. We've done our hammock research and chose the highest quality material we could find and the most durable hardware. Even with years of use, your Hoi Hammock will last you through many memories, times of tranquility and lots of laughs.

Anyone can use this hammock. Being so small and light, the Hoi Hammock is perfect for the camper, caravan, motorcycle, beach bag, backpack, boat, woods, mountain top, or even your garden. Half the fun is just finding your ideal place for your hammock.


Why Hoi? Hoi is how we say, hello, hey, hi. It’s friendly, it’s informal, it’s totally us.

Take back the wild, take back your wild. 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen und Hängematte liebe, 

Elizabeth Schädler

Who we are.....

This is me in the very beginning figuring out how to make the perfect hammock. 

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